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(Free photo downloads for MS Cowboys and Cowgirls: If you want a free high resolution file
large enough to make a sharp 8x10" print send a request to pdruby@yahoo.com and it will be forwarded to you)
Note from Paul Ruby: These photographs are my interpretation of the rodeo event. They aren't meant
to document the rodeo in the traditional way. These are things I thought were
interesting or exciting.
This is Jenna. I was told Jenna wouldn't like this photo because she's pulling up on her horse like that. This is John. He gave advice to the younger cowboys that were preparing themselves on the bull or on their horse waiting for the steer to be released.
"Hey camera man! Move back! Camera man. Move! - Back!" The cowboy yelled just before I took this one. I had the camera and flash just inside the rails and the horse was watching me instead of paying attention to the steer. I appologized for scaring his horse the following week. John's his name.